Bromegrasses by Barenbrug

The Brome genus is a large family of many varied grasses. Some species are extremely winter-hardy and persistent. Others exhibit an indeterminate seeding habit and persist through frequently dropped seed. Bromegrasses require high fertility levels and well drained soils. Bromegrasses, in general, do well when planted as a companion with alfalfa.

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Meadow Brome
  • Drought tolerant
  • High yield
  • Rapid establishment 
  • Early spring growth
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Smooth Brome
  • Early maturing
  • Rhizomatous
  • Exceptionally drought tolerant
  • Cold tolerant
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Late-maturing bromegrass
  • Quick establishment
  • Impressive forage yields
  • Highly palatable and high in energy
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Prairie Brome grass
  • Can utilize high levels of Nitrogen and effluent waste
  • Long growing season
  • Extremely palatable, even when in seedhead
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