Red Clovers by Barenbrug

This legume is often used in grass mixtures for a predominantly cutting regime. Red clover is one of the fastest establishing legumes and can even be grown on more acidic soils. The main draw back is limited persistence and winter-hardiness. Through breeding, improvement has been made on these characteristics.


Premium Red Clover

  • High yielding
  • Low pubescence, faster drying, and reduced dustiness
  • High forage quality - palatable and nutritious
  • Improved winter-hardiness and persistence
  • Fixes nitrogen- reducing fertilizer costs
  • Available with Yellow Jacket enhanced seed coating

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Freedom! red clover is the latest release from the University of Kentucky. It is selected for increased dry matter production and drying and has finer stems and less pubescence (hairs) on the stem which causes the plant to dry faster. Freedom! is a part of our RENEW™ family of products.


Product Spotlight: BarOptima PLUS E34 and Freedom! Red Clover


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Seeding a pure stand:
15-20 lbs./acre
Seeding with grass:
8-1- lbs./acre
Frost-seeding into grass:
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