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White clover is a perennial legume, which spreads by branching stolons. Like all other legumes, it produces its own Nitrogen. Recently, farm trials have shown that these newer varieties release higher levels of Nitrogen to the companion grass than older varieties. White clover is mainly used in grazing pastures for its high protein and energy values. Recent studies show an increased dry-matter intake of 2-pounds per cow per day when white clover is added to the grass. A good mixture of grass and white clover can yield as much as pure grass which receives 175-pounds of Nitrogen per acre.


White Clover

  • Early flowering white clover
  • High dry matter yield 

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Neches has been developed by Texas A&M for surviving the harsh conditions of southern U.S. It is an early flowering white clover with profuse flowering. This provides high reseeding potential for regrowth in warm season grass pastures. Neches is an intermediate white clover but selected for larger leaves. Neches has high dry matter yield compared to other varieties also developed in the South. Neches is a part of our RENEW™ family of products.


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