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Dryland Pasture Mixture for Extremely Low rainfall Areas
  • Works well in extremely-low precipitation zones (7-12 inches)
  • Features Hamann Creeping Wheatgrass



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The Dryland Mix for Low Rainfall areas
  • Works well in low percipitation zones (12-18 inches)
  • Fills grazing holes 
  • Allows later turnout onto native pasture 
  • Reduced hay feeding, lowering costs 
  • Higher production in less than full-season irrigation situations
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Dryland Pasture Mixture for Low-Mid Rainfall Areas
  • Works well in low-mid percipitation zones (18-30 inches)
  • Greens-up early
  • Enhanced persistence
  • Tolerant to environmental stress
  • Superior plant vigor and yields
  • Disease tolerant
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