Dryland Pasture Mixture for Extremely Low rainfall Areas

  • Works well in extremely-low precipitation zones (7-12 inches)
  • Features Hamann Creeping Wheatgrass

Where To Buy

Stockaide is designed for new planting or inter-seeding into range and extreme dryland pastures in low rainfall areas and also works in areas that have limited irrigation such as spring runoff irrigation, which is common in many areas.

Stockaide consists of the newly developed Hamann Creeping Wheatgrass and other premium varieties of Crested Wheatgrass, and Siberian Wheatgrass. Exclusive to Barenburg USA, Hamann Creeping Wheatgrass exhibits extreme drought tolerance and persistence. 


The seed in Stockaide is enhanced with Barenbrug's exclusive Yellow Jacket brand seed coating which absorbs nearly 600 times its weight in water, which improves seed-to-soil contact and makes it ideal for rangeland seeding applications. The Yellow Jacket coating improves establishment in marginal conditions by keeping a layer of moisture around the developing seedling under less-than optimal soil moisture conditions. Stockaide is a part of Barenbrug's Range Shield™ forage concept.



Management Information


How & When to Plant

Stockaide can be planted utilizing the following methods: 

  • No-tilled into an existing pasture after vegetation is removed
  • Fall dormant seeding or early spring planting

  • Late summer/early fall planting is an option where fall moisture is available

  • Stockaide can also be planted into a firmly prepared seed bed or no-till


Grazing Management

Allow Stockaide to establish to at least 10-12 inches tall. Once it has reached this height, introduce a light, initial grazing, leaving 4-5 inches of stubble. Leaving this stubble will encourage tillering. Once Stockaide has recovered, grazing can continue. This mixture is ideal for all types of grazing and is well suited for stockpiling as well.

Seeding Rate
Seeding Depth
1/8" - 1/4"