Baralfa 240 RIZ

Creeping root alfalfa

Key Features 
Extensive Rhizomes 
Branch Root 

Disease Resistant 
Drought Tolerant 


Thicken stands
Tolerate wet soils
Wide adaptation
Excellent persistent
Used for hay or pasture

    Baralfa 240 RIZ alfalfa is a creeping rooted alfalfa with rhizomatous stems designed for dry land pastures the United States and Western Canada.  As the alfalfa stand gets older the adventitious stems develops new crowns to fill in the stand.  Baralfa 240 RIZ can also be used for both hay and pasture. It expresses the branch rooted trait that can tolerate wet soil conditions.


    Agronomic Summary
    Bacterial Wilt HR
    Fusarium Wilt HR
    Phytophthora Root Rot HR
    Anthracnose (Race 1) HR
    Verticillium Wilt HR
    Aphanomyces Root Rot (Race 1) R
    Root Type Branch
    Crown Type Rhizomatous (Creeping)
    Winter Survival Index 2.0
    Fall Dormancy 2.4
    Cutting recovery* 7.2
    Forage Yield Level* 8.2
    Forage Quality 8.0
    Wheel Traffic Tolerance* 8.5
    *: 1-10, 10 is best


    Alfalfa is the legume also known as the "Queen of forages." It deserves this name because it supplies millions of animals with high quality feed throughout the world. Its taproot makes it heat and drought-tolerant. Some of the problems with alfalfa are persistence, diseases, insects, and bloat...