Baralfa FsT SF

Fast growth alfalfa

  • Fast growth habit
  • DRI 30
  • Multifoliate alfalfa 

    Baralfa FsT SF is a fast growth StandFast® alfalfa for the aggressive alfalfa manager to maximize each season’s harvestable yield.  It is a medium tall, leafy variety that reaches harvest maturity 3-5 days ahead of conventional dormant alfalfa varieties. Baralfa FsT SF is a multifoliate alfalfa delivering a high forage quality herbage.


    Agronomic Summary
    Bacterial Wilt HR
    Fusarium Wilt HR
    Phytophthora Root Rot HR
    Anthracnose (Race 1) HR
    Aphanomyces Root Rot (Race 1) HR
    Verticillium Wilt HR
    Northern root-knot Nematode HR
    Pea Aphid MR
    Spotted Alfalfa Aphid MR

    Root type Tap
    Crown type Average
    Winter Survival 1.5
    Fall Dormancy 4.0
    DRI 30
    Cutting Recovery 9.2*
    Forage Yield Level 9.2*
    Forage Quality 9.0*
    Wheel Traffic 8.9*
    *: 1-10, 10 is best


    Alfalfa is the legume also known as the "Queen of forages." It deserves this name because it supplies millions of animals with high quality feed throughout the world. Its taproot makes it heat and drought-tolerant. Some of the problems with alfalfa are persistence, diseases, insects, and bloat...