Inter-seeding brassica for multiple grazing

  • Fast growing
  • Improve the quality of existing grass pastures
  • Frost tolerant brassica 

    Basica forage rape is a tall variety, with high yields and resistance to lodging. It is suitable for either grazing by livestock or cutting and feeding. It has good palatability and digestibility, producing forage that is high in energy and digestible crude protein (up to 30% in leaves). Barsica is resistant to powdery mildew, which can reduce the palatability of other varieties. Barsica has good night frost tolerance and rapid initial growth. Barsica is ready for harvest 80-90 days from seeding (3.5 to 4.0 lb/acre). Forage yields of spring rape increase until plants become physiologically mature. Barsica is well-suited for multiple grazing. Spring-planted (April through June) Barsica can supplement perennial cool season pastures in August and September. Alternatively, Barsica can be interseeded with warm season grasses to improve their feed quality.


    Brassicas are generally used to increase the grazing season. All brassicas have highly digestible cell walls and very high protein levels. Turnips (Brassica rapa rapa) can either be grazed or harvested and fed direct. Rapes (Brassica napus) can be grazed or cut for direct feeding. Both species can...