Exceptional quality dairy pasture mixture

  • Exceptional palatability for improved intake
  • High fiber digestibility and nutritive value
  • High protein and energy forage
  • Rapid establishment and persistent
  • Grazing tolerant
  • High dry matter production
  • Now containing BarOptima PLUS E34 & Remington NEA2

    Dairymaster is an exciting new mixture. It is scientifically formulated to provide a dairy quality pasture. Also very well suited for replacement heifers, lactating beef cows, and stocker operations. Dairymaster contains the best of all species: perennial ryegrass, fine-leafed tall fescue, and meadow fescue. All varieties used are winter-hardy, persistent, and high in energy and protein. Dairymaster also contains Alice white clover. Alice will fix Nitrogen as well as improve protein and energy levels of the sward.