High Energy Grass & High Energy Hybrid Alfalfa

  • E2 contains grasses that grow in the same rhythm as alfalfa
  • E2 contains grasses and alfalfa that have very high energy values
  • E2 grasses and alfalfa are formulated for sowing in a single pass in one drill box
  • E2 increases yield and stand longevity

    Alfalfa is the mainstay forage for confinement dairies across the United
    States. It is rich in protein and is sought after for its high forage yields.
    However, it lacks the rumen correcting digestible fiber of high-quality
    grass to help alleviate acidosis. The Queen of forages requires the King of
    forages to reign supreme!


    Barenbrug, the leading innovator of forage grass technology has perfected
    the complex synergistic combination of alfalfa with grass. Barenbrug has
    identified the cultivars and proportions that provide the maximum yield
    when planted together but also improve the ENERGY value and nutritional
    properties of the silage. Barenbrug has partnered with Dairyland Seeds, the
    exclusive developer of Hybrid alfalfa technology (msSunstra), in bringing
    this unique product to the market. Choose E2 for more energy from
    production fields!


    • A mixture of premium tall fescue and hybrid alfalfa
    • Soft leaved tall fescue for increased digestibility
    • Ideal for high quality dairy silage
    • Produces consistent silage quality from each cut


    • A mixture of premium tall fescue, orchard grass and hybrid alfalfa
    • Latest heading orchard grass variety is ideal companion to alfalfa
    • Use for high quality hay production
    • Increased tonnage per acre

    Seeding Rate
    25 lbs/acre
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