White Clover

  • Large Leafed
  • Heat Tolerant
  • Palatable
  • Winter Hardy
  • OverGraze Protection
  • Preferred by livestock & wildlife

    RegalGraze is a high yielding Ladino clover that is most commonly used for cattle pasture. RegalGraze can be planted or seeded as a component of a pasture mixture with perennial grasses, or overseeded into established grass stands. RegalGraze is superior in forage yield with more grazing tolerance than other Ladino clovers in tests conducted by the University of Georgia. RegalGraze has no anti-quality cyanogenic glucosides, unlike some other white clovers and stays 30% dry matter yld when planted at 3-5#/acre.





    • Seeding Rate: 3-5 lbs/Acre
    • Depth: Surface to 1/4”
    • Fine, firm seedbed recommended
    • Fertility requirements:
      • 60-80 lbs/A phosphate
      • 100-150 lbs/A potassium
      • 100 lbs/A sulfur



    White Clover

    White clover is a perennial legume, which spreads by branching stolons. Like all other legumes, it produces its own Nitrogen. Recently, farm trials have shown that these newer varieties release higher levels of Nitrogen to the companion grass than older varieties. White clover is mainly used in...