Endophyte Free Tall Fescue

  • Perennial cool season forage grass
  • No toxic endophytes
  • Safe for all livestock
  • High yields
  • Persistent

    Drover is an early maturity variety selected for better heat and cold tolerance under drought conditions. It is a very high dry matter producing variety. Drover has good seedling vigor and very rapid establishment. It has upright growth habit making it highly suitable for hay production. Drover is endophyte-free, but still persists well under grazing in harsh environments. Drover is suited for stockpiling and fall grazing.

    Tall Fescue

    Tall fescue is a very adaptable species and grows well in dry or wet conditions. It is also winter-hardy and persistent. Tall fescue grows early in the spring and has the potential for high dry-matter production with Nitrogen fertilization. Tall fescue is a good choice for wetlands.