Range Shield

The Range Shield portfolio is a portfolio of Barenbrug products designed for new planting or inter-seeding into rangeland and dryland pastures in low rainfall areas (12-18 inches growing season precipitation). Range shield products contain the latest varieties of grasses selected for germination, establishment and drought tolerance under low rainfall conditions. Formulated from drought tolerant varieties of meadow, smooth and Alaska bromes, tall fescue and intermediate wheatgrass, Range Shield is the dryland mix for your pasture.

Yellow Jacket Coated

• Improved establishment under marginal moisture conditions 

• Improved seed-to-soil contact 

• Flows through drill easily 

Reduced Inputs

• More grazing days 

• Reduce hay feeding 

• Dense stands supress weed growth

High Yielding

• More dry matter produced for a longer period 

• Balaced mix of species and varieties   

• Better seasonal forage distribution 

Drought Tolerant

• Rapid development of a deep root system

• Excellent drought and heat tolerance with less or no irrigation

• Designed for low rainfall areas