What does HGT stand for? [Top]

HGT means Healthy Grass Technology and is representative of Barenbrug’s commitment to develop turfgrasses that combine excellence of turf quality, disease resistance, insect tolerance, and overall turf performance. Barvette HGT Kentucky bluegrass is Barenbrug’s first introduction under the HGT brand.


What sets Barvette HGT apart from most other Kentucky bluegrasses? [Top]

Barvette HGT is a uniquely aggressive Kentucky bluegrass that exhibits outstanding performance in the turfgrass transition zone. An area of summer heat, humidity, and intense turf disease and insect pressure, the transition zone has been a limiting factor on Kentucky bluegrass for decades. Barvette HGT not only survives the transition zone, it performs in the transition zone!


How will Barvette HGT perform in areas other than the transition zone? [Top]

Barvette HGT is an extremely aggressive Kentucky bluegrass that will add turf density, wear tolerance, and wear recovery to any blend or mixture of cool season grasses in all areas of bluegrass adaptation. Its quick establishment and aggressive growth habit makes it particular valuable when mixed with perennial ryegrass.


Is Barvette HGT available for purchase as a single variety? [Top]

Barvette HGT is currently only available in Barenbrug’s ‘Turf Blue HGT’ blend of Kentucky bluegrasses. This blend is ideal for sports turf, golf, and park and recreational situations where ‘regular use’ and ‘durability’ are the operative words!


Are the other bluegrass components of Turf Blue HGT also strong, elite varieties? [Top]

Turf Blue HGT is typically comprised of 3-4 strong performing bluegrasses, providing diversity and strong performance in all areas of Kentucky blue adaptation. This blend is very quick to germinate and establish and features excellent traffic tolerance and overall disease resistance.


How fast will Barvette HGT germinate and establish? [Top]

In favorable conditions, Barvette HGT has been found to germinate in as few as 7 days with full establishment noted in 8 weeks. Generally, Kentucky blues germinate in 10-14 days with establishment taking 10-12 weeks or more.


Over time will Barvette HGT take over a stand of turf? [Top]

Depending upon local conditions, especially conditions of heavy use or those conditions favorable to the development of Summer Patch, Barvette HGT will likely become the dominant bluegrass in a turf. In NTEP test locations, Barvette HGT frequently moved into adjacent variety plots and in several cases completely dominated adjacent plots. At a trial site in Iowa, golf fairway plots overseeded Turf Blue HGT dominated the existing fairway grasses within six months.


Can Barvette HGT be successfully overseeded into existing bluegrass turf? [Top]

Ideally over-seeded in late August thru October, Barvette HGT’s high seed count, quick germ, and aggressive nature serve it well when competing with existing bluegrass and other species. With time, it will become a strong component of your turf area, benefitting overall turf quality and performance.


Is Barvette HGT an alternative for Hybrid (Texas) bluegrasses? [Top]

Since the early 2000’s, hybrid blues have been touted as a problem solver to the difficult conditions of the turf transition zone. With an extremely strong performance at NTEP’s six transition locations, Barvette HGT is not only an alternative, it’s a superior alternative.


Does Barvette HGT exhibit good drought tolerance? [Top]

As with most aggressive-type bluegrasses, Barvette HGT’s drought tolerance is fair. However, when blended with the strong components of Turf Blue HGT, the overall stand will exhibit good drought tolerance.


Where can more detailed information regarding the performance of Barvette HGT be obtained? [Top]

Barvette HGT ( BAR  VV  0709 ) was placed in the 2005 National Kentucky Bluegrass Test. Data can be obtained by logging onto:  http://ntep.org