SOS® - Super Over Seeding

2 Steps to a successful over-seeding campaign with SOS

Managing bermudagrass typically means over-seeding in the fall. The process of over-seeding not only leads to added expenses and effort, but also creates management problems that take time away from other critical facets of your turf needs. Barenbrug initially developed a revolutionary new concept in over-seeding, SOS, based on Texas A&M's first introductions of Panterra and Panterra V Turf Annual ryegrasses. Since those first varietal introductions,  Barenbrug's research and turf development team have taken this over-seeding concept to even higher levels of over-seeding performance and turf quality with the addition of two new improved Turf Annuals.


Welcome to Super Over-Seeding - a two step process to ensure beautiful green turf all year long without the added stresses of increased chemical usage or poor transition of cool season grasses. For high quality turf all year long there are two critical components that must be taken into account.


Step 1 - Identify your climatic region. 
Where your site is located and how many days per year above 90 degrees are critical to good establishment and timely transition of your cool season grass. Within your climatic zone lie micro-climates that can affect the transition speed of cool season grasses as well as the recovery of your bermudagrass. If you've seen your overseeding product transition out too early or last too late into the spring you need to move to the next step in overseeding.


Step 2 - Adjust your transition speed based on your micro-climatic needs. 
Need your SOS to last a little longer into the season? Choose a slower transitioning product. If your cool season grass typically lingers - choose a rapid transition solution. SOS is that simple. And if that's too complicated - just use one of the ideal SOS seed solutions - pre mixed for your needs.


There are three transition speeds:

Rapid: Exhibits the fastest transition back to your bermudagrass base / 100% Turf Annual blends

Ideal: Shows a gradual transition from winter over-seeding grass to your bermudagrass base / Turf Annual mixes with P.R

Slow: Allows you to keep your winter overseeding grass later into summer / Turf Annual mixes with more persistent P.R.