Supercharged Bentgrass


A combination of top-rated bentgrass varietiesSupercharged Bentgrass is a first ever combination of top-rated bentgrass varieties and revolutionary new Yellow Jacket® enhanced seed coating. These unique bentgrasses are the result of Barenbrug’s industry-leading research and development team “supercharging” Tee-2-Green and Barenbrug’s world class bentgrass varieties.


University research shows that Yellow Jacket coated bentgrass exhibits significant improvements in germination and establishment compared to uncoated varieties – all while reducing water consumption and establishment costs. Click here to hear what our satisfied customers are saying.





Yellow Jacket is like having a sponge around each and every seed. Once water is applied, the 

Yellow Jacket coating holds moisture and nutrients around the seed

coating holds moisture and other nutrients around the seed – making them available as needed for germination and establishment. Without coating, the water simply passes the seed allowing it to dry out, resulting in more frequent watering and increased labor and expense.


This spongy layer has additional benefits as well. Yellow Jacket coating increases the density of very light, small bentgrass seed. This makes seeding easier, more accurate and also allows for a more uniform distribution pattern when applied with a seed spreader. Seed stays where it falls due to the extra weight and size and is much more easily seen.  When overseeded, the coated seed will move down in the turf faster and easier. Another tremendous benefit is that Yellow Jacket coated bentgrass has enhanced disease protection, unlike uncoated seed.


All these benefits are due in large part to a key component of Yellow Jacket – a super absorbent technology that can hold 600 times its own weight in water. University trials show that superabsorbants can absorb and hold fungicides and protect seedlings up to three weeks after seeding. Fungicide on uncoated seed washes off, quickly limiting their benefit.


The Yellow Jacket formulation also contains Apron XL® (metalaxyl). A new technology turf fungicide that specifically helps prevent Pythium infestation in newly seeded areas, Apron XL preserves root development and significantly increases the survival rate of seedling turf during higher temperatures.


Research trials at the University of New Mexico also show that Yellow Jacket enhanced seed establishes faster and requires less water. Yellow Jacket simultaneously helps the seed thrive while conserving water.


The photo above shows how much faster seed coated with Yellow Jacket (right) grows compared to uncoated seed (left).



Independent trials conducted at the University of New Mexico and Ohio State University both conclude that bentgrass coated with Yellow Jacket consistently out-performs uncoated bentgrass in all turf categories. At the University of New Mexico, Barenbrug compared Yellow Jacket coated seed with uncoated seed under high moisture (96% of evapotranspiration) and low moisture (56% of evapotranspiration) conditions. Supercharged Bentgrass with Yellow Jacket coating germinated and established far better – with less water. The graph below shows plot density 92 days after seeding.

Supercharged bentgrass covered better than uncoated bentgrass

The graph below illustrates how Supercharged Bentgrass coated with Yellow Jacket has a much higher germination percentage after seven days than uncoated bentgrass. This is critical for out-competing weeds and creating an ideal turf surface.


Coated Bengal bentgrass had a higher germination percentage than uncoated grass.


Barenbrug and Tee-2-Green have partnered to offer the most advanced bentgrass varieties available. Through an exclusive partnership, Barenbrug is able to Supercharge Tee-2-Green products with Yellow Jacket seed coating. Since Penn State University developed and released the first Penn bentgrass in the 1950s, Penn varieties have been considered by the golf course industry as the most trusted for putting tees, fairways and greens. The following varieties are available with Yellow Jacket:

























Typically, bentgrasses have between five and eight million seeds per pound. With per pound seed counts that high, you will not need to increase application rates to compensate for the added weight of the seed coating. In fact, with the added value and efficiency of Supercharged Bentgrass, you will likely see more seeds germinate than with typical uncoated seed. That’s the power of Supercharged Bentgrass.