Creeping Bentgrass

The New Standard for Dark Genetic Color - Even Darker than T-1!

  • Dark Green Genetic Color
  • Fine Leaf Texture and Great Turf Quality
  • Greens
  • Tees & Fairways
  • Roughs, Bunker Surrounds
  • Out of Play Areas

Nightlife Creeping Bentgrass


Celebrate the dark with new Nightlife creeping bentgrass, our highest rated bentgrass for color. Nightlife creeping bentgrass has finely textured blades and excellent turf quality. Its dramatic dark green color— just a shade darker than T-1—makes it an excellent choice to provide contrast on tees, greens, or fairways.


Origin & Development: Nightlife was developed from selections of T-1 creeping bentgrass which were crossed with germplasm collected over many years from golf course greens throughout the United States. All of the lines used to develop Nightlife were screened in Jacklin Seed’s “spot plot” Poa annua putting green for aggressiveness against Poa. The result is an extremely playable bentgrass with a deep blue-green color reminiscent of T-1, a slightly finer texture, and excellent aggressiveness against Poa annua.



Nightlife is suited for use on greens, tees, approaches, and fairways. It thrives across the cool, temperate regions of the world, and it is adapted well into the transition zone between warm and cool-season areas.

New Seeding (1,000 sq. ft.)
1-2 lbs.
Interseeding (1,000 sq. ft.)
2-4 lbs.
Aggressive Growth
Disease Tolerant