Creeping Red Fescue

Spring Green-Up & Fall Color Retention


  • Excellent Fall Color Retention
  • Outstanding Resistance to Various Pest and Disease

Audubon Creeping Red Fescue


Audubon creeping red fescue has a rich green color, fine leaf texture and good density. Its vigorous, sod forming, rhizomatous nature gives it the ability to fill back in after suffering any stresses and also makes it suitable for sod production. Audubon is recommended for home lawns, parks, corporate landscapes and golf course roughs and out-of-play areas. Well adapted to sandy, infertile and droughty soils, Audubon is an excellent choice on areas where regular maintenance is not possible, such as embankments, deep roughs, and roadsides. Under non-mown conditions, Audubon will put up seedheads during the summer adding to the contours of your landscape.


Disease & Pest Resistance:

Audubon has very good resistance to brown patch, melting out, and summer patch disease and moderate resistance to pythium blight, red thread, leaf spot, and dollar spot. 


Extended Green Turf:

Ranked #1 in spring greenup in national trials, Audubon was also among the best for fall color retention in September, October and November. 


Drought Tolerant:

Audubon is very drought tolerant -- in national trials it was #1 against wilting and #2 against dormancy. 


Wide Range of Adaptation:

Audubon has good performance at different maintenance regimes -- high, medium, and low input and is adapted to mowing heights from 1½” to 3” (3.75 to 7.5 cm). Audubon tolerates soil pH from 4.5 to 8.0. 


Blend Well:

Audubon is a good choice when used alone or matched with other Jacklin grasses in mixtures and blends for permanent turf in temperate and transition zone climates. It is often a component of Jacklin Seed’s Scottish Links and Irish Links blends. 

Overseeding (per 1,000 sq. ft.)
6-10 lbs.
Unmown Areas
2040 lbs/acre