EcoStar Plus

Hard Fescue

  • Improved Spring Green-up
  • Excellent Reduced Vertical Growth
  • Performs Well on Golf Course Roughs
  • Superior Turf Quality Compared to Older Generations
  • Improved Salt Tolerance
  • Reduced Vertical Growth

EcoStar Plus Hard Fescue


EcoStar Plus (Exp. JF‐234) hard fescue is a newly released variety that enhances all of the turf qualities you expect from EcoStar with the addition of improved salt tolerance. In comparison to Ecostar, Ecostar Plus is superior with speedier spring greenup, darker green color, denser turf, and better turf performance under managed turf conditions. EcoStar Plus has consistently been among the top entries in company trials since 2009 handling diverse environmental conditions from hot/humid summers to cold winters.


EcoStar Plus excels when used in low input situations from golf course roughs, to lawns and low maintenance areas, including roadsides, berms, and reclamation sites. EcoStar Plus is well suited to golf course roughs, puƫng up seedheads during the summer adding to the contours of your landscape. An added bonus is that it has heavier heading then Ecostar for a more beautiful vista while at the same time maintaining a thin enough stand to find errant balls.


When used as low maintenance turf on roadsides, EcoStar Plus’ 38% reduction in vertical growth compared to the original EcoStar, equals cost savings through reduced mowing. In an Idaho low maintenance trial, EcoStar Plus’ stand height reached 8” in mid‐September compared to EcoStar’s 13” height 11 weeks after a late June mowing. Under dense shade environments receiving less than 2 hours of direct sunlight in midsummer, EcoStar Plus has persisted over 2 years.


EcoStar Plus has moderate salt tolerance. In a Utah trial where salt levels are in the 10‐12 dS m‐ 1 range during the summer and fall than drop down over the winter and spring with snow melt, EcoStar Plus was mid‐ranked in the trial. When used in areas with salt levels above 6 dS m‐1 periodic flushing of the soil profile is recommended.

Overseeding (per 1,000 sq. ft.)
2-3 lbs.
Unmown Areas (per 1,000 sq. ft.)
0.5-1.5 lbs.