Chewings Fescue

  • Attractive Foliage and Bunchy Appearance
  • Does well in low pH Soils
  • Produces a Desirable Clumpy Look
  • Keeps Color During the Winter
  • Shade Tolerant

J-5 Chewings Fescue


Looking for that Scoƫsh links look? J‐5 Chewings fescue (Festuca rubra fallax) is it, with its bunchy appearance and attractive foliage making it well suited for golf roughs. One of our “hands off” varieties, J‐5 does well under un-mown conditions and ranked #1 in the California and Illinois NTEP trial for un-mown quality. J‐5 also does well on low pH (4.5-8) soils and typically infertile sites. In fact, fairway fertilizer and watering should be avoided as its desirable clumpy look is best when the grass is “hungry”


Disease & Pest Resistance:

Diseases won’t get J‐5 down. It has demonstrated good resistance to Red Thread, and Poa annua won’t push J‐5 around since it’s resistant to encroachment.


Shade Tolerant:

J‐5 won’t fade in the shade. J‐5 works well with shaded landscape areas. But don’t forget, a higher cuttng height (>1.5 in.) is recommended in the shade to optimize turf health. 


Early Spring Green-up:

J‐5 has a dark green fine textured appearance making it a great choice amongst Chewings fescues. J‐5 breaks winter dormancy and greens up early in the spring for increased aesthetic value. 

Overseeding (per 1,000 sq. ft.)
6-10 lbs.
Unmown Areas
20-40 lbs/acre