Marco Polo

Sheep Fescue

  • Extremely Well-Suited to Drier, Summer Conditions once Established
  • Extremely Drought Tolerant
  • Displays increased Shade Tolerance
  • Fine Leaf Texture
  • If Left Unmown, will Develop Stiking Seedhead from Early to Late Summer

Marco Polo Sheep Fescue


Marco Polo sheep fescue is ideally suited for low maintenance areas, including roadsides, berms, and reclamation sites. With its low growth habit, unique blue‐green color, and beautiful seedheads, Marco Polo is an excellent selection for golf course outer roughs.


Ideal for difficult to manage slopes and rocky areas, Marco Polo is well suited for ground cover and aesthetic quality and is exceptionally well adapted to the northern portions of the dry, arid West, including upper elevations to sub‐alpine zones.


Well Adapted to Poor Soils:

While thriving on well‐drained, fertile, silty and clay soils, Marco Polo is also very tolerant of poor, shallow, dry soils. It is not tolerant of poorly drained, wet soils.


Heat and Drought Tolerance:

Once established, Marco Polo is extremely well‐suited to drier, summer conditions. With an early dormancy trait to escape droughty conditions, this variety is a proven survivor under difficult conditions.


Un-Mown Provides Beautiful Seedhead Display:

When left unmown, Marco Polo exhibits a beautiful seedhead display from early to late summer. This unmown appearance provides a beautiful contrast to groomed turf areas, especially in golf course rough situations. 


Excellent in Low Maintenance Mixtures:

Marco Polo mixes exceptionally well with other fine fescues such as with Jacklin Scoƫsh Links Mixture and also with low maintenance Kentucky bluegrass such as Jacklin’s variety, Action. It is also compatible with wildflower mixes when used at 10% or less of the mix, by weight. 

Overseeding (per 1,000 sq. ft.)
6-10 lbs.
Unmown Areas
20-40 lbs/acre