After Midnight

Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Dark green color
  • Improved shade tolerance
  • Excellent turf quality
  • Exceptional tolerance to summer patch & dollar spot

  • Low fertility

  • Heat tolerance

After Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass

After Midnight is carrying on the Midnight tradition of excellent quality with improvements that make it even more versatile than the original.


From Jacklin’s bluegrass breeding program, After Midnight is a slow growing, compact Midnight-type Kentucky bluegrass with excellent uniformity and wear tolerance. Characteristics include improved shade tolerance, darker color, excellent density, and dollar spot tolerance.



Seeding and establishment may be done in spring or fall, but be wary of summer or winter annuals. For better early weed control, consider an application of Mesotrione in the seeding process. Plant seeds to a depth of no more than 0.25-0.50” below the soil surface to ensure good seed to soil contact. Thatch layers will only slow or impede germination success. After spreading seed, keep seedbed moist throughout germination, with extra care during the early stages to prevent seed from drying out after initial seed imbibition. Germination should begin within 14 to 21 days and be complete within 35 days. Remember, the full turfgrass establishment process may take 6 months to a year.

Mowing (Recommendation)
Mowing (Down to)
Seeding Rate:
2-3 lbs./M*
1,000 sq.ft.