Blue Chip

Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Affordable and compliments any Jacklin blend
  • Sod strength 60% better than Glade in Nebraska sod lifting trials
  • Trusted by turf managers the world over for consistent performance
  • Close Mowing Tolerant
  • Summer Patch Resistant
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Dollar Spot Resistant
  • Low Fertility Requirement
  • Leaf Rust Resistant
  • Heat Tolerant

Blue Chip Kentucky Bluegrass

Blue Chip brings quality performance to your lawn, park, or sports field at an affordable price. Its lush green color and plush growth crowds out weeds but will never overpower your turf with excessive density. Blue Chip adapts to sports field and home lawn mowing heights, with or without irrigation. In test trials it built up less thatch than other varieties and had reduced vertical growth and clippings (lower plant height).



Adding Blue Chip to your blend provides additional resistance to stem rust, leaf rust, summer patch, melting out, necrotic ring spot, leaf spot, pink and Microdochium snow mold, and dollar spot. It also resists seedling damping off, according to university trials.



Blue Chip is nationally ranked in its ability to exclude weeds from the turf by means of competition and not chemicals. It’s tops at repelling lawn chinch bug.



Blue Chip tied for #1 in frost tolerance in US/Canadian test trials. It has good coldhardiness and scored strongly in trial locations in the cool-arid region. Blue Chip provides early spring greening during March and April when other bluegrasses are still sleepy. It retains its color and vigor well into November.



Blue Chip has been successfully used on some of the top golf courses the world over. You can have confidence Blue Chip will perform for you



3-4 lbs./1000 ft.2 (15-20 g/m2 ) by itself or blended with other bluegrasses. Mix Blue Chip with 20% ryegrass or 80% tall fescue.

Seeding Rate:
3-4 lbs./M*
1,000 sq.ft.