Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Improved Rust Resistance
  • Widely Adapted all the way from Cold, Northern Areas to the Sizzling Transition Zone
  • Dark Green, Dense Turf that is Virtually Pest Free
  • Proven Top-10 Turf Quality in US and Canadian University Trials
  • Exceptional Heat Tolerance

Everglade Kentucky Bluegrass


EverGlade is the third variety in the Glade family of top varieƟes and is the most impressive as the first elite, 5‐steps‐ above® bluegrass with improved rust resistance. In NTEP trials, EverGlade tied for #1 nationwide in overall quality and ranked among the very top varieties in trial locations across several regions in overall quality. In the tough Transition Zone, EverGlade scored higher than any other bluegrass and according to unbiased test results, EverGlade was top rated in fall density and ground cover, fewest seedheads in the turf, least Poa annua, and darkest green color.


Improved Against Rust Disease:

While many of the elite bluegrasses succumb to rust because they grow slowly and produce little topgrowth, EverGlade produces an elite, high performance turf, but it is a big step forward in the battle against stem, crown, and leaf rust.


Disease Fighter:

EverGlade fights the browning of many common lawn diseases with its built-in pest resistance: Microdochium pink snow mold, typhula gray snow mold, leaf spot, melting out, anthracnose, dollar spot, stripe smut, summer patch. Better resistance means fewer chemicals and a greener turf all year ‘round. 


Tolerant of Heat, Drought, Abuse:

Battle tested in field trials and sports turf around the globe, EverGlade is one of the highest performing bluegrasses in the zone between cool- and warm-season grasses. 


Seeding Rate (per 1,000 sq. ft.)
2-3 lbs.