NuBlue Plus

Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Mixes compatibly with Jacklin Seed’s premium 5‐steps above® varieties
  • Trusted by turf managers
  • Good cold-hardiness
  • Retains color and vigor well into fall

NuBlue Plus Kentucky Bluegrass

NuBlue Plus Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) brings enduring performance to your lawn, park, or sports field at an affordable price. Its lush green color and plush growth crowd out weeds. NuBlue Plus is precisely matched to Jacklin’s elite line of turfgrasses. It adapts to sports field and home lawn mowing heights, with or without irrigation.


Fast Establishment

NuBlue Plus has improved seedling vigor and early establishment. Quick seedling establishment reduces early weed problems and is important for all bluegrass turf.


Flexible Maintenance Requirements

NuBlue Plus performs well under both high and low maintenance. This allows the versatile use of this economical variety in both blends and mixes for premium turf and lower maintenance. With today’s higher maintenance costs, premium turf with lower inputs is a very desirable trait.


Recommended Seeding Rate

2‐3 lbs./1000 ft.2 (10‐15 g/m2 ) by itself or blended with other bluegrasses. Mix NuBlue Plus with 20% ryegrass or 80% tall fescue.

Seeding Rate:
2-3 lbs./M*
1,000 sq.ft.