Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Excellent turf quality

  • High mesotrione tolerance

  • Fewer seedheads

  • Good tolerance to many common turf diseases

  • Heat tolerance

  • Overall turf quality
  • Summer patch stem rust
  • Heat tolerance
  • Dollar spot
  • Leaf rust

NuRush Kentucky Bluegrass

NuRush charges onto the scene with amazing turf quality and tolerance to many common turf diseases such as stem rust, dollar spot and summer patch. It has also demonstrated high tolerance to mesotrione in trials.


Excellent Turf Quality

Used as a straight or blended with other Jacklin 5-Steps Above varieties, NuRush has excellent turf quality characteristics. Statistically tied #1 for overall quality 2019 NTEP data across all trial locations.


Good Heat Tolerance
NuRush can stand up to the heat and in 2019 NTEP wilt ratings, NuRush’s

rating was statistically tied with the #1 variety.


Mesotrione Tolerance

Tied #1 with a 9 rating for tolerance to mesotrione damage (9= no damage) at NJ2 location in the 2018 data.


Fewer Seedheads

Statistically tied #1 2019 data (both locations, IN1 and NJ1).

Seeding Rate:
2-3 lbs./M*
1,000 sq.ft.