Rugby II

Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Ideal grass for tough, high wear sports of all kinds
  • Excels on low‐mow fairways as well as low maintenance lawns
  • Proven “top‐10” turf quality in US and Canadian university trials for 10 years
  • Trusted by turf managers the world over
  • Close Mowing Tolerant
  • Summer Patch Resistant
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Dollar Spot Resistant
  • Low Fertility Requirement
  • Leaf Rust Resistant

Rugby II Kentucky Bluegrass

Top Performer

Rugby II has a rich, dark green color with above average winter color, an intermediate leaf texture, negligible winter injury, top‐rated frost tolerance, and excellent density throughout all seasons of the year. Rugby II’s dense nature fights encroachment of Poa annua.


Wear Resistance

Rugby II stands up against sports field wear. At the Univ. of Massachu‐setts, it had one of the highest tolerance ratings to their torturous roller wear machine.


Made for the Shade

In a dense shade trial at the Univ. of Maryland, Rugby II proved its shade adaptation as one of the most shade tolerant of elite Kentucky bluegrasses.


All Mowing Heights

From high maintenance levels to low, Rugby II Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) is a jack of all trades. In university trials, Rugby II was a top performer at the following mowing heights: 8 trial locations using 0.5‐1 in. (12‐25 mm) 10 locations using 1‐1.5 in. (26‐38 mm) 4 locations using 1.5‐2 in. (39‐50 mm) 5 locations using greater than 2 in. (>50mm)


Drought is No Problem

Rugby II stays green longer during a drought than other bluegrasses, according to university tests. Its deep roots and advanced physiology resist drought dormancy. Rugby II ranked among the top varieties under unirrigated conditions.


#1 Disease Fighter

In National tests, Rugby II scored #1 against summer patch, stripe smut, Microdochium pink snow mold, and leaf rust.


Broad Adaptation

Rugby II is one of the few bluegrasses that excels virtually everywhere. In university trials, it performed exceptionally well in Missouri, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Iowa, Illinois, and Alberta.


Seeding Rate

2‐3 lbs./1000 ft.2 (10‐15 g/m2 ) by itself or blended with other bluegrasses. Mix Rugby II with 20% ryegrass or 80% tall fescue.

Seeding Rate:
2-3 lbs./M*
1,000 sq.ft.