Glyphosate Tolerant Perennial Ryegrass

  • Glyphosate Tolerant
  • Naturally Ocurring, Scientifically Selected
  • Poa annua control
  • Tested Around the World

Gly-Rye: Glyphosate Tolerant Perennial Ryegrass

Naturally Occurring, Scientifically Selected

What was the first step in developing Jacklin’s exciting new product? We tried to kill it! When this Jacklin experimental perennial variety did not die after a research trial was completed -- even after two applications of Glyphosate at 32 fl.oz./acre (2.3 Liter/ hecactre), we knew we had something special. Mother Nature had given it a unique resistance to Glyphosate. Samples from this sturdy variety were entered into Jacklin’s breeding program to enhance turf quality while keeping the Glyphosate resistance. After decades of scientific breeding, and multiple research trials in locations around the world, and practical experience on elite golf courses, Jacklin Gly-Ryes are now ready for you!


Tested Around The World

Jacklin Gly‐Ryes have been tested under real world conditions on golf courses and by independent researchers in multiple trials for its glyphosate tolerances. The experiences and data collected has been used to develop the Jacklin Gly‐Rye guidelines.


Tried & True: Jacklin Gly‐Ryes Work Against Poa

In a three-year trial, an 8 fl.oz. (0.95 Liter) Glyphosate rate controlled the Poa annua while still allowing the Jacklin Gly-Rye established into a great looking stand. Gly-Ryes were overseeded into a 100% stand of Poa annua to determine the best rates for Poa control and Gly-Rye turf performance.

Glyphosate Rate:
8 fl.oz./acre