Goalkeeper II

Perennial Ryegrass

  • Excellent wear tolerance making it a great variety for sports turf
  • Improvements in color, density and winter hardiness
  • Wear Tolerance
  • Pythium Blight Resistance
  • Seedling Vigor
  • Brown Patch Resistance
  • Winter Performance
  • Pink Snow Mold Resistance
  • Red Thread Resistance
  • Summer Density

Goalkeeper II Perennial Ryegrass 

Goalkeeper II perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) is an improvement over the original GoalKeeper in genetic color, turf density and winter hardiness. Keeps heavy traffic areas, like soccer goal mouths or football practice fields, in better playing shape than some other perennial ryegrasses. GoalKeeper II is adapted to use on sports turf, golf course fairways, roughs, and tees, home lawns, parks, and industrial and school sites in cooler regions and for winter overseeding on dormant bermudagrass in warmer regions.


Wear Tolerant

In independent national wear trials using a Brinkman Traffic Simulator fitted with football cleats, Goalkeeper II maintained good turf quality and a high percent of living ground cover. Goalkeeper II is great choice for athletic fields, helping keep your fields looking good with heavy wear.


Winter Performance

Goalkeeper II was bred in North Idaho so it has proven cold temperature adaptation. It ranked among the top 5 against winter damage in trials in New York and had reduced low temperature damage in South Dakota. Goalkeeper II also retains its dark green color in the winter.


Winter Overseeding

Goalkeeper II an excellent choice for overseeding on dormant bermudagrass when used alone or as a great addition to perennial ryegrass blends. In an overseeding trial on dormant bermudagrass at Toscana Country Club in Indian Wells, CA Goalkeeper II displayed good quality, color and density even at putting green mowing heights of 0.44 in. (11 mm) . Seedling Vigor: Goalkeeper II is one of our fastest germinating ryegrasses and gets a jump on the season with excellent seedling vigor. Goalkeeper II establishes quickly resulting in little down time from your seeding project.


Disease & Pest Package

A variety with an impressive disease and pest resistance profile, Goalkeeper II exhibits high resistance to red thread, brown patch, pink snow mold, and pythium blight.


Seeding Rate

New establishment: 5-10 lb/1,000 ft.2 (25-50 g/m2 ) Overseeding dormant bermudagrass on greens 10-30 lb/1,000 ft.2 (50-150 g/m2 ) or fairways 200-500 lb/acre (225-565 kgs/ha).

Seeding Rate:
5-10 lbs./M*
1,000 sq.ft.