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Tall Fescue/Kentucky Bluegrass Mix
  • Improved sod-forming characteristics
  • Good adaptation to sun or shade

  • Excellent heat and drought tolerance from a deep root system
  • Superior wear tolerance and recuperative potential
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Athletic Pro II

Kentucky Bluegrass/Perennial Ryegrass Mix
  • Superior turf performance for athletic fields with limited maintenance budgets
  • Excellent cold hardiness
  • Excellent wear tolerance and recuperative potential
  • Very good resistance to common turf diseases
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Blue Genes

Kentucky Bluegrass Blend
  • Excellent spring, summer, fall turf density and color
  • Good disease resistance
  • Wide adaptation to various maintenance levels
  • Tolerant of low mowing heights
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Puccinellia distans Alkaligrass
  • Ideal for areas with saline and high pH native soils
  • Dark green color
  • Good turf density
  • Ideal for effluent or reclaimed water use
  • Adds “salt insurance” to mixtures where de‐icing salts are used
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Poa Trivialis
  • Rapid Germination
  • Overseeding dormant bermuda
  • Darker Green Color
  • Superior Turf Quality
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Kentucky Bluegrass/Perennial Ryegrass Mix
  • Superior tolerance to summer turf diseases
  • Excellent wear tolerance for long-term turf durability
  • Season-long dark green color
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Med Gold

Perennial Ryegrass Blend
  • Improved insect and disease resistance
  • Superior density in closely mown turf
  • Exceptional dark green color
  • Great choice for permanent turf areas or winter overseeding
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Overseeder II

Kentucky Bluegrass/Perennial Ryegrass Mix
  • Superior spring, summer and fall performance
  • Strong ability to recuperate after scuffs and divots
  • Excellent cold hardiness and tolerance to mid-summer stress
  • Fine-textured turf with a rich dark green color
  • Excellent broad- based disease resistance
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Scottish Links

The Tradition is Mixed In
  • Quality turf even on unfavorable sites
  • Tolerant of reduced nitrogen and restricted moisture
  • Very good adaptation to both heavy shade and full sunlight
  • Adaptable to a wide range of soil pH
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Triple A

Turf Type Tall Fescue Blend
  • Excellent heat and drought tolerance due to a deep root system
  • Excellent traffic tolerance and establishment rate
  • Good adaptation to sun and shade
  • Improved dark green color with fine leaf texture and disease resistance
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