Blue Genes

Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

  • Excellent spring, summer, fall turf density and color
  • Good disease resistance
  • Wide adaptation to various maintenance levels
  • Tolerant of low mowing heights



Blue Genes Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

Blue Genes is a 3-way Kentucky bluegrass blend selected from elite Jacklin varieties. Developed for excellent turf quality over a broad range of environmental conditions, the varieties in Jacklin’s Blue Genes mixture complement each other. Cultivars are selected to provide a balance of disease resistance, and excellent turf quality under a variety of maintenance levels.


Specific Qualities

With attractive dark green genetic color and excellent wear tolerance and recuperative qualities, Blue Genes has great versatility across several climate regions and can take low mowing heights. It will do its best when maintained with moderate fertility levels making Blue Genes an excellent performer on golf tees and fairways as well as highly maintained athletic fields. Blue Genes is also well suited for overseeding worn out turf.



Seeding Rate:
100-150 lb/acre