Poa Trivialis

  • Improved variety developed for fall and winter overseeding of bermuda
  • Excellent spring transition
  • Fine leaf texture
  • Rapid Germination
  • Overseeding dormant bermuda
  • Darker Green Color
  • Superior Turf Quality

Excellent Spring Transition

Havana is an improved Poa trivialis developed for fall and winter overseeding of bermudagrass in the warm regions of the desert southwest, south, and southeast. Havana exhibits a quick, smooth spring transition allowing the rapid recovery of bermudagrass. It will not persist into the next overseeding year. With approximately 2.3 million seeds per pound, it can be used at low seeding rates as a monostand or blended with other Poa trivialis varieties. With rapid germination and fast establishment, Havana also performs well in overseeding mixtures with perennial ryegrass, fine fescue, and creeping bentgrass.


Attractive Appearance

Tested in overseeding trials in Florida, Mississippi and Arizona, Havana has demonstrated excellent spring transition, an improved, very dark green color, very fine leaf texture, excellent density, and a very attractive appearance on overseeded greens, tees, and all fine bermuda turf situations.


Winter Hardiness/Disease Resistance

Havana is very winter hardy with excellent color retention after sharp frosts and low temperatures. Havana also demonstrates very good overall disease resistance, including good resistance to dollar spot and leaf spot. With excellent shade performance, Havana tolerates lower light intensity better than other commonly used overseeding grasses, such as perennial rye and creeping bent.


Maintenance Guidelines

With favorable temperatures and proper irrigation, expect germination in approximately 7 days and good coverage within 3 weeks. First mowing is recommended when turf reaches approximately 0.25-0.5 in. (0.6-1.7 cm). Gradually reduce mowing height during establishment. Once fully established, Havana will tolerate putting green mowing heights. Using liquid or green’s grade products, fertilize at 0.5 -1.0 lbs. of N/1000 ft.2 (2.5-5 g/ m2 ) per month. Irrigate as needed to maintain adequate root zone moisture.


Seeding Rates

For dormant overseeding with a combination of perennial ryegrass and Poa trivialis, use 15-20 lbs./1000 ft.2 (75-100g/m2 ) perennial ryegrass with 8 -12 lbs./1000 ft.2 (40-60g/m2 ) Havana.

Greens Seeding Rate:
10-20 lbs./M*
Fariways Seeding Rate:
1,000 sq.ft.