Irish Links Mixture

Beautiful Contrast, Authentic ‘Links’ Look

  • Carefully selected varieties work together to form an environmentally friendly ‘links’ look
  • Left un‐mown, provides striking contrasts and excellent wildlife habitat
  • Moderate plant density—easy for golfers to locate their ball 

Beautiful Contrast, Authentic ‘Links’ Look

Jacklin Irish Links® Mixture is a combination of grasses, carefully selected to work together to form an environmentally friendly “links look” turfgrass area for the Transition zone and warm‐season areas. When left un‐mown, Irish Links provides striking contrasts for landscaping and is also an excellent wildlife habitat and feed source.


Beautiful Natural Look

Under non‐mown conditions, Jacklin Irish Links provides contrast with color and texture to the contours of your landscape, giving the area a “Links Look” straight from an early Irish golf course.


Native Grasses

Selected from grasses that are native to Euroasia and the Americas, the Jacklin Irish Links tolerates a wide variety of soil and maintenance regimes. The combined strength and durability of these fine textured, bunchy grasses bring a unique appeal to this mixture.


Non‐Mown Low Maintenance Areas

Well adapted to sandy, infertile and droughty soils Jacklin Irish Links is an excellent choice on areas where regular maintenance is not possible, such as embankments, deep roughs, and roadsides. Shade



Jacklin Irish Links teams together components such as fine fescues that will work in shaded areas.

Seeding Rate:
75 lbs./acre