Med Gold

Perennial Ryegrass Blend

  • Improved insect and disease resistance
  • Superior density in closely mown turf
  • Exceptional dark green color
  • Great choice for permanent turf areas or winter overseeding

Med Gold Perennial Ryegrass Blend

Jacklin’s Med Gold perennial ryegrass blend combines Jacklin’s best perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne). The varieties selected for this blend show improved seedling vigor and exhibit overall tolerances of common diseases and pests in turf.


Med Gold is formulated for both permanent northern turf and southern dormant bermudagrass overseeding. On permanent turf, Med Gold is used for rejuvenating thin, heavily trafficked or diseased turf or where rapid turf replacement is necessary. When overseeded into dormant bermudagrass in the South Med Gold produces both an excellent playing surface for sports and a great looking lawn for home and commercial landscapes.


It is particularly suited to golf course and athletic field turf because of its excellent tolerance to traffic, compacted soil, low clipping heights, and its ability to establish rapidly. Med Gold tolerates medium to high maintenance in full sun to partial shade.

Permanent New Establishment:
200-300 lb/acre
Permanent Interseeding:
100-200 lb/acre
Overseeding Athletic Fields:
7-20 lb/M*
Overseeding Greens:
10-40 lb/M*
Overseeding Fairways:
200-500 lb/acre
1,000 sq.ft.