Reubens Canada Bluegrass

Excellent Salt and High pH Tolerance

  • Dark green spring color turning to dark blue‐green in summer
  • Low maintenance
  • Rapid germination
  • Tough, resilient turf
  • Excellent density

Drought Tolerance

Agronomic Characteristics:

Reubens Canada bluegrass (Poa compressa) is the right grass for water‐stressed, low maintenance areas. Reubens performs in areas of low maintenance and makes a perfect choice for bluegrass in areas where maintenance may be difficult or where maintenance costs may be a concern. Reubens germinates quicker than most bluegrasses, is lower growing and has a dark green appearance in the spring, progressing to a rich blue‐green color. Reubens produces a dense, hardy turfgrass.


Suggested Usage:

Reubens made its reputation at tough reclamation sites where water and nutrients were low. Its characteristics make Reubens an excellent choice when planted alone, or in seed mixtures for golf course roughs, playgrounds, airports, highway projects, athletic fields and other landscape areas.

Turf Seeding Rate:
2-3 lbs./M*
Ground Cover Seeding Rate:
20-40 lbs./acre