Scottish Links

The Tradition is Mixed In

  • Quality turf even on unfavorable sites
  • Tolerant of reduced nitrogen and restricted moisture
  • Very good adaptation to both heavy shade and full sunlight
  • Adaptable to a wide range of soil pH

The Tradition is Mixed In

Jacklin’s Scottish Links Mixture consists of low‐growing fine fescues well adapted to the harsh conditions of golf course roughs and bunker faces. Left unmown, this formula provides maintenance savings, erosion control, and adaptation under varying soil conditions. It offers an aesthetically pleasing long‐grassed links appearance.


Wide Range of Management

This mixture adapts to a wide range of management regimes. It is tolerant of shade, low fertility, and reduced irrigation in parks, home lawns, golf course roughs, roadsides, and utility turf.


Can be Left Unmown

Cutting heights should be maintained from 1.5 in. (4 cm) to unmown. The 8 lbs. (40 g) seeding rate, see below, will reduce early summer seedhead development where left unmown.


Low Fertility Requirements

For optimum performance and stress tolerance, fertilize no more than 2 lbs. of nitrogen/1,000 ft.2 (10g/m2 ) per growing season with not more than 1 lbs. (0.45 kgs) of nitrogen or potash per application.

New Seeding Rate:
Overseeding Rate:
Seeding Rate:
4-8 lbs./M*
1,000 sq.ft.