Streaker Redtop

Perennial Redtop

  • Tough, creeping rhizomes provide good erosion control
  • Redtop name is derived from the seed head color
  • Adapted to all soil textures
  • Does best on rich clay loams or sandy loams

Streaker Redtop

Streaker Redtop (Agrostis gigantea) is a cool‐season turfgrass in the bentgrass family. Streaker is a loosely tuffed perennial with an average height of 112 cm (depending on how fertile the soil is) and tough, creeping rhizomes. All culms of Streaker are erect and smooth and the seeds are awnless. The panicles are red purple to green color. The name redtop is derived from the seed head color.



Streaker is adapted to very acid soils, clay soils of low fertility and poorly drained land. It can be used for permanent turf, pastures, erosion control and re‐vegetation of meadow areas, especially on poor or wet land. Streaker is very aggressive and has been used quite extensively as a component in overseeding mixtures to provide winter cover for dormant bermudagrass on golf course puƫng greens. Because of its creeping rhizomes characteristic, it provides good soil protection.



Redtop is adapted to all soil textures, but does best on rich clay loams and sandy loams. It also has wide adaptation climatic conditions but does require moisture (500mm or more of precipitation annually, wet sites or irrigation). It does well in cool humid climates but is occasionally utilized in the transitional and warm humid regions.



Streaker has quick germination. It has good early spring color texture. It ialso prospers in the fall and winter. It has good resistance to melting‐out disease. It is not well adapted to hot weather or heavily shaded conditions.



Streaker can be mixed with perennial ryegrass and Poa trivialis using 10‐15% Streaker. When mixed with bentgrass, use the ratio of 50% Streaker (by weight).



It requires low maintenance. It responds well to Nitrogen fertilizer. Because of its tiny seed, redtop should have a firm, well‐prepared seedbed. It may be sown in early spring or late summer at a seeding depth of 6.35 mm.


Seeding Rate

Rates of seeding will vary depending upon purpose, and whether seeded alone or in mixtures. In mixtures, rates of 2.5‐5 kgs/100 m2 are generally used. For pure stands, seeding rates are from 5‐11 kgs/100 m2 . Higher rates are used for temporary critical area stabilization. Redtop grows rapidly after seeding and excessive seeding rates are not recommended, particularly in mixtures. When used for erosion control on critical areas, fertilizing is essential to give rapid cover.

Seeding Rate: