Premium Bahiagrass

  • Warm‐season, low maintenance lawn grass
  • Deep, extensive root systems for improved drought tolerance
  • Tolerates traffic and recovers from damage quickly
  • Spreads by short, stout, rhizomes and stolons
  • Low maintenance tolerance
  • Drought tolerance
  • Insect resistance
  • Disease resistance
  • Wear tolerance
  • Seed vigor

Sunfire Premium Bahiagrass

Sunfire bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum) has gained favor as a good low‐maintenance lawn grass for use in the warm climate areas. Sunfire spreads by means of short, stout rhizomes and stolons. It has an upright and leafy appearance.



Sunfire’s unique characteristics have made it a popular choice for lawns in warm climate regions, particularly along coastal areas. It can also produce a durable sod and has been used widely for roadsides, lawns, roughs, conservation lands as well as pasture and forage in warm season regions around the world.


Drought Tolerance

The root system of Sunfire is deep and extensive, making it drought tolerant even on sandy coastal soils. In extreme drought Sunfire turns brown, but it bounces back once moisture is available.


Other Characteristics

Sunfire tolerates traffic and recovers quickly. It hangs onto its green color longer than other warm‐season grasses throughout winter. Sunfire demonstrates fair shade tolerance. It resists most damaging insects and diseases.


Establishment Guidelines

Sunfire is easily seeded by mechanical means. Sunfire seed can be planted practically any time of the year in the warm regions. It can be planted from early spring into late summer depending on where you are planting. Seeding can be done with a seed drill, broadcast spreader or hand broadcasting in small acreage. Seedlings should be allowed to fully develop with a good root system before traffic is allowed on the area. Favorable warm weather and sufficient rain encourage faster establishment.


Seeding Rates 

Depending on utilization, Sunfire seeding rates vary widely. Higher seeding rates can help accelerate establishment time. For lawns: 7‐8 lbs./1,000 ft.2 (35‐40g/m2 ). For roadsides/golf roughs: 4‐5 lbs./1,000 ft.2 (20‐25g/m2 ). For pasture/land conversation, 50‐60 lbs./acre (56‐67 kgs/ha). Maintenance



Sunfire can withstand little or no watering, fertilizing, and pesticides. Sunfire lawns need periodic mowing for best results due to its vertical growth. Sunfire responds well to nitrogen fertilizer and color will suffer if it isn’t fertilized. Sunfire will requires twice‐weekly mowing when heavily fertilized, versus monthly mowing if unfertilized.

Seeding Rate:
7-8 lbs./M*
1,000 sq. ft.