Barvette HGT

Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Top performing variety in NTEP Transition Zone trials 
  • Quick to germinate and aggressive establishment

  • Extremely wear tolerant with excellent recovery

  • Strong resistance to summer patch and other diseases

  • The featured variety in Turf Blue HGT
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    Fast establishing bluegrass
    • Outstanding heat tolerance
    • Medium dark green color
    • Fine leaf texture
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      Kentucky bluegrass
      • Very good density with a compact growth habit 
      • Medium fine leaf texture with very dark green color 
      • Very high turf quality  
      • Good overall disease resistance


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        Kentucky Bluegrass
        • Strong variety for all Kentucky bluegrass uses 
        • Strong resistance to leaf spot, rust, and most other turf diseases
        • Excellent year round density with medium green color 


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          Kentucky Bluegrass
          • Excellent seedling vigor
          • Very strong drought tolerance
          • Excellent overall disease resistance
          • Outstanding early spring green-up


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