Poa trivialis/Rough bluegrass

  • Excellent turf quality with a compact growth habit 
  • Very fine leaf texture with high turf density
  • Medium dark green color 
  • Performs well in heavily shaded, damp areas
  • Quick to establish with strong rhizome activity
  • When used to over-seed bermudagrass greens, tees, and finely mowed turf, Bariviera will quickly transition as spring temperatures warm.
  • Highly rated in NTEP trials 

    Bariviera Poa trivialis is a five clone cross-developed by Barenbrug Research in Oregon. Bariviera is medium dark green, with very fine leaf texture. Featuring excellent turf density and a compact, upright growth habit, Bariviera makes an excellent putting surface when used for fall over-seeded bermudagrass greens and tees. There are considerably fewer horizontal stems with Bariviera, keeping overall turf quality high. As spring temperatures warm, Bariviera will quickly and evenly transition back to bermudagrass.