Dunes Mix

Quality Mixture of Fine Fescues

  • Includes creeping red fescues, Chewing fescue, and hard fescue varieties
  • Reduced maintenance requirements, including less frequent mowing
  • Reduced fertility and water requirements 
  • Ideal for a mowed fine, dense turf with excellent color
  • Excellent weed competition when mowed
  • Used for low maintenance turf areas and un-mowed naturalized areas 
  • New Seeding
  • Overseeding

Our Dunes Mix is a superior quality mixture of genetically advanced fine fescues, including Chewings fescue, strong creeping red fescue, slender creeper, and hard fescue.

Fast Establishment
Ability to Self-repair
Traffic Tolerance
Drought Tolerance
Speed of Germination
Shade Tolerance
Low to moderate fertility
Disease Resistance
Lawn & Landscape

Today's lawns require turfgrasses needing lower maintenance costs and overall inputs. Lower water use, less fertilizer required, fewer clippings, and agressively competing with weeds during establishment are all traits that set varieties from Barenbrug USA apart from the competition.

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