Elite Bermudagrass

SuperCharged Barbados Brand

  • Very heat and drought tolerant
  • Very fine leaf with dark green color and high turf density
  • Very fined leaved with quick germination and establishment
  • Excellent traffic tolerance with strong recovery and good spring green-up 
  • Improved cold tolerance
  • High winter survivability / Top ranked group in NTEP
  • A top performing seeded bermudagrass in the 2002-2006 NTEP bermudagrass trials
  • New Seeding
  • Overseeding

Barbados has proven itself in both U.S. and international trials, with the 2002-2006 NTEP trial highlighting the strong performance of Barbados. Barbados is finer leaved than both Princess 77 and Riviera and exhibits excellent spring and summer density. With early spring green-up, Barbados is also very aggressive in spring which allows for quick recovery from winter over-seeding stresses. In the fall, Barbados exhibits a more open turf allowing for easier establishment of over- seeded ryegrass. Barbados is closing the 'turf quality' difference between seeded varieties and the vegetative varieties. In several trials, Barbados has outperformed vegetative types.


For ease of planting and superior germination and establishment, Barbados Brand also feature's Barenbrug's proprietary Yellow Jacket® enhanced seed coating. Yellow Jacket utilizes superabsorbant technology to produce a coating that can hold up to 600 times its own weight in water. The results provide fast, uniform germination and early growth, with reduced water requirements during early establishment.

Fast Establishment
Ability to Self-Repair
Traffic Tolerance
Drought Tolerance
Speed of Germination
Shade Tolerance
Low to Moderate Fertility
Disease Resistance

For tee, fairway, rough, and greens; Barenbrug USA features turfgrass varietal innovations and solutions for the golf superintendent and golfer. Offering unique turf characteristics and traits, Barenbrug USA provides quality and long-term turf performance for your course. 

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