SOS® Turf-Type Annual Ryegrass

Super Over Seeding

  • Choice of natural spring transition without chemicals
  • Fast germination and establishment
  • Out-competes annual bluegrass and many other weeds
  • Economically priced compared to perennial and intermediate ryegrass
  • Excellent germination at low temperatures
  • Improved turf quality at low mowing heights
  • Slower growth rate with finer texture




    SOS Turf-Annual ryegrasses from Barenbrug offer unique solutions to fall overseeding challenges. With three generations of turf-annuals available, there is surely a product that can be tailored to your project’s budget, on-site requirements and turf quality needs.  




    Traditionally, overseeding has been done using either perennial ryegrass or common annual ryegrass. Both options have benefits as well as significant challenges to the end-user.


    Perennial ryegrass provides strong turf quality late into the season, but turf density and persistence during spring transition competes with spring growth and the recovery of bermudagrass. From there, the most common practice is to use often expensive herbicide applications to speed transition. Alternative courses of action involve increasing cultural practices to diminish the perennial’s persistence as temperatures rise and growing conditions become unfavorable for the plant.


    Annual ryegrass provides economic, fast to establish and quick, natural transitioning turf stands but historically provided extremely poor turf quality. Early on these grasses were very light green in color, had a coarser leaf texture, overproduced clipping yields and showed little traffic tolerance. These were some of the major problems with initial turf annual varieties that hindered its acceptance into many markets within the turf industry.


    Another solution to perfecting the overseeding process came in the creation of hybrid intermediate ryegrasses. Unfortunately, the quality of these intermediate ryegrasses didn't correlate to their costs, ranging closer to perennials. They also couldn’t compete with the faster establishment and superior predictability in spring transition that improved turf-annuals bring to the table. Until these types of grasses become closer to annuals in their price, and truly resembling perennials in quality and performance (albeit retaining transition potential of annuals) they will remain an alternative option.




    When discussing annual ryegrass for overseeding, most turf managers might think of Gulf annual. However, in cooperation with Texas A&M, Barenbrug USA changed the annual ryegrass discussion in 2006 with our introduction of Panterra turf-annual and the SOS Brand of turf-annual ryegrasses.


    Ten years later, in 2016, Barenbrug’s SOS Brand featured four turf-annual ryegrasses spanning three generations of turf-annual selection. Significant improvements in turf quality now afford the turf manager a wide-range of quality, performance and price.


    Since the introduction of Panterra, Barenbrug’s researchers have continued to develop new and improved turf-type annuals including:


    • Panterra     (2006)
    • Panterra V (2009)
    • Barterra     (2012)
    • Terrabar     (2013)


    These varieties are available in the product SOS 400 and SOS 220 MAXX (improved varieties). Alternatively, they are available in mixes with perennial ryegrass in the form of SOS 211. Overall, these turf-annual options result in one of the most versatile programs for the overseed market. For more product information skip to STEP 2.



    Awareness of climate, site requirements, performance needs, budget and equipment availability are keys in identifying which SOS mixture best suits your turf area.



    • Traffic tolerance
    • Speed of establishment / Facility availability
    • Speed of transition / Spring persistence
    • Turf Quality  (Important or Secondary)
    • Budget



    SOS 400: Featuring Panterra and/or Panterra V for fast establishing, economical overseeding of warm season turf.


    SOS 220 MAXX: Featuring Barterra and/or Terrabar for rapid establishment and the finest in Turf-Annual turf quality


    SOS 211: Featuring 50% turf annual and 50% perennial ryegrass for quick establishment, improved turf quality and stronger spring persistence.



    SOS Brand Turf-Annuals will germinate with soil temps in the mid-40’s F. This allows for successful overseeding results for late season renovation after the playing season has ended. Late season renovation provides field protection for winter and early spring practice and play. 


    All SOS products should be seeded at rates comparable to traditional perennial ryegrass overseeding rates.

    Golf 10-15 lbs per 1,000 sq. feet

    Sports Turf 15 lbs per 1000 sq. feet

    Landscape 10 lbs per 1000 sq. feet


    Seeding Rate
    10 - 15 lbs.
    Mowing Height: Range
    0.5" to 4"
    Mowing Height: Ideal
    1" to 2.5"
    50 lb. bag
    Annual Ryegrass

    With the initial development of Panterra by Texas A&M, Barenbrug’s U.S. Research team took the promise

    of improved Turf Annual Ryegrass and developed the program into an ‘ART™ form’. Our Advanced Ryegrass Technology now encompasses four unique turf-annuals including Panterra, Panterra V, BarTerra...