Supercharged Bentgrass

SuperCharged Bentgrass

  • Supercharged Bentgrass is a first ever combination of top-rated bentgrass varieties with Barenbrug's exclusive Yellow Jacket coating process
  • Featuring Yellow Jacket® Enhanced Seed Coating for easier, more uniform seeding, more rapid germination, seedling disease protection, and enhanced plant development
  • New Seeding
  • Overseeding

Supercharged Bentgrass is a first ever combination of top-rated bentgrass varieties and Barenbrug's exclusive Yellow Jacket® Enhanced Seed Coating. These unique coated bentgrasses are the result of Barenbrug’s industry-leading research and development team “supercharging” Tee-2-Green, Barenbrug’s world class bentgrass varieties, and Pure Seed's Penn A-1 and Penn A-1 / A-4 blend.


University research has shown that Yellow Jacket coated bentgrass exhibits significant improvements in germination, seedling disease protection, and plant establishment when compared to uncoated varieties – all while reducing water consumption and establishment costs. 


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Fast Establishment
Ability to Self-Repair
Traffic Tolerance
Drought Tolerance
Speed of Germination
Shade Tolerance
Low to Moderate Fertility
Disease Resistance

For tee, fairway, rough, and greens; Barenbrug USA features turfgrass varietal innovations and solutions for the golf superintendent and golfer. Offering unique turf characteristics and traits, Barenbrug USA provides quality and long-term turf performance for your course. 

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