SuperCharged Bermudagrass

Yellow Jacket Coated Bermudagrass

  • Improved overall turf quality and traffic tolerance  
  • Uniform density with dark green color 
  • Featuring Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating 
  • New Seeding
  • Overseeding

All Barenbrug bermudagrass blends and varieties are enhanced with our unique seed coating process, Yellow Jacket. Yellow Jacket is a patented starch-based superabsorbent polymer technology which can hold up to 600 times its own weight in water around the seed during germination and establishment. DormBreaker is a patented seed dormancy breaker designed to help speed germination and plant development. Yellow Jacket seed enhancement is designed to facilitate the planting of bermuda, speed germination, and improve the overall establishment of the turf.




Barenbrug offers an exceptional line of bermudagrass blends and varieties suitable for both budget-minded facilities and those desiring the finest in seeded bermudagrass turf. These grasses are suitable in all areas where bermuda is adaptable and widely used as a sports turf. Baseball, football, soccer, and all sports that need a field of green are perfect for Barenbrug bermudas. For those climates where fields are used during the cooler months, check out our SOS over-seeding mixtures for the best in over-seeding technology.




PanAm provides high quality turf suitable for fairways, tees, near-roughs, and driving ranges. An economical blend of three strong bermuda varieties, Panama, Bargusto, and Transcontinental, Panam provides strong genetic diversity and a very high quality turf when compared to common Bermudagrass. Dark green color with excellent heat and drought tolerance, Panam is ideal for the improvement of all bermudagrass turf. With good frost tolerance and exhibiting early spring green-up, Panam is proven, strong performer across the entire zone of bermuda adaptation.


PanAm comes coated with Yellow Jacket, which holds water around the seed during germination and establishment. Yellow Jacket Enhanced Coating can hold up to 600 times its own weight in water.


Bahama provides exceptionally high quality bermuda turf for fairways, tees, near-rough, driving ranges, and club grounds. A blend of Transcontinental and Barenbrug's elite Barbados, Bahama delivers performance throughout the entire range of bermuda adaptability. Transcontinental traces its roots to North Carolina while Barbados has roots of development from AZ to FL. This broad pool of development and evaluation translates into a unique blend well suited for the entire range of bermuda. Bahama delivers turf performance and economy!


Barbados Brand has proven itself in both U.S. and international trials, with the 2002-2006 NTEP trial highlighting the strong performance of Barbados. Barbados is finer leaved than both Princess 77 and Riviera and exhibits excellent spring and summer density. With early spring green-up, Barbados is also very aggressive in spring which allows for quick recovery from winter over-seeding stresses. In the fall, Barbados exhibits a more open turf allowing for easier establishment of over- seeded ryegrass. Barbados is closing the 'turf quality' difference between seeded varieties and the vegetative varieties. In several trials, Barbados has outperformed vegetative types.


Riviera was developed and released by Oklahoma St Univ in the late 1990's. At the time of its release, Riviera exhibited the strongest cold tolerance available for seeded bermudagrass available. Today, it can arguably still make that claim. With a broad base of use, Riviera has found its place across the entire range of bermudagrass adaptation, but it's known and grown for it's cold tolerance and it's great turf quality. 

Seeding Rate
2 -3 lbs
Mowing Height
.5" - 1.5"
Packaging Size
25 lbs
Fast Establishment
Ability to Self-Repair
Traffic Tolerance
Drought Tolerance
Speed of Germination
Shade Tolerance
Low to Moderate Fertility
Disease Resistance
Sports Turf

For sports turf performance, the answer is Barenbrug USA. Around the world, from professional sports venues to your community's local fields, our ability to provide varieties with superior traffic tolerance and wear recovery is the best. Turf seed for sports turf and play: it's in our DNA! 

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