Maryland Soccerplex

HGT at Maryland Soccerplex 

 Germination speed and seedling development made it possible to fully rebuild, seed, and re-open the stadium in 35 days using HGT


Jerad Minnick, Agronimic Specialist talks about his experience with HGT:

HGT's wear tolerance and recovery is impressive - 150 events in 200 days


"We here at Maryland SoccerPlex are HGT's biggest fans!  Germination speed and seedling development 

made it possible for us to fully rebuild, seed, and re-open our stadium field in 35 days using HGT last fall.  This year the wear tolerance and recovery have been equally impressive through 150 events in 200 days. Under stress from professional soccer, youth soccer, lacrosse and rugby, the HGT never really showed wear.  And beyond the agronomics, the most frequent compliments and comments about the field are in reference to the appearance of HGT.  Maintained below 3/4" all year, the HGT color and texture is nothing like any bluegrass has ever produced.  Obviously, we LOVE it!"