SOS® - Super Over Seeding

SOS 400's easy transition has been a tremendous advantage

Blackmoor Golf Club - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Bob Zuercher, General Manager

“SOS 400’s easy transition has been a tremendous advantage”


 SOS has high turf quality, transitions well, and is an economical alternative

Visalia Country Club - Visalia, California

Mike Swing, CGCS, Golf Course Superintendent

“SOS has the same turf quality as perennial rye, transitions much better and is a smart, economical alternative."


 Great turf density and rapid germination

Twin Creek Country Club - Austin, Texas

Great turf density and rapid germination. 

"Twin Creek Country Club chose SOS 211 for it’s superior ability to transition out in the spring. They seeded two tees on each hole at a rate of 10 lb. per 1,000 sq. ft.. The tees are currently mowed twice a week at half an inch. Twin Creek is very impressed by the turf density, quality and rapid germination. SOS 211 performed so well, Twin Creek will rely on it next season."


SOS 211 created a dense sward, perfect for winter play

Whitestone Country Club - Fort Worth, Texas

Perfect playing surface. 
"Whitestone Country Club chose to overseed their tees with SOS 211 for optimum spring transition. SOS 211 performed very well and created a dense sward, perfect for winter play off the box. SOS 211 will be used again next fall."


 SOS provides extreme wear tolerance

Dallas Texans Soccer Club - Dallas, Texas

Extreme wear tolerance. 
"The Dallas Texans recently held an international tournament where 30 teams played on five fields for three days. They use SOS 211 to overseed their bermudagrass. SOS 211 held up so well that when the tournament was over, there was very little noticeable damage. In addition, they received numerous accolades on the quality of the fields from players, coaches and spectators."


 Overseed for year-round playability

Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Overseed for year-round playability. 
"The Philadelphia Eagles have long relied on Barenbrug to help with their overseeding needs. Now they overseed their bermudagrass with SOS 211. They chose SOS 211 for it’s quick germination, quality and rapid establishment. These characteristics make SOS 211 the perfect product for year-round overseeding." 




SOS 400 received rave reviews, asking if the field was synthetic Estadio Casas Geo - Mexicali, Mexico

"This field of SOS 400 received rave reviews by everyone including the folks from the sports networks who were broadcasting the event asking if the field was synthetic. When they were told it was natural grass they were totally amazed."