Supercharged Bentgrass

Brae Burn Club has seen consistent performance at a high level from Supercharged Bentgrass.

Brae Burn Club - West Newton, Massachusetts

Tim Strano, Golf Course Superintendent

“I have used Barenbrug Supercharged Bentgrass and yellow jacket coated seed since its’ introduction in 2008. It has consistently performed at a very high level.”

 A member of my crew won't let me use anything but Supercharged Bentgrass

Kirkbrae Country Club - Lincoln, Rhode Island

Mark Richard, Golf Course Superintendent

“A member of my crew, whom I refer to as the “Divot Master”, won’t let me use anything but Supercharged Bentgrass. He says it makes both of us look good, because it germinates more quickly than raw seed and requires significantly less water to establish.”

 Barenbrug Bentgrass worked and looked grate for the 2009 Ryder Cup

Valhalla Golf Club - Louisville, Kentucky


Mark Wilson and his crew at Valhalla have used Barenbrug grass seed for a number of years. As host to the 2009 Ryder Cup - Mark and his crew had their hands full. With all that was going on he needed to know that his choice of cultivars would not let him down. The bentgrass he chose worked great and the course looked and played great!