Quality Creeping Bentgrass

  • Excellent Wear Tolerance
  • Ranked #1 September & October fall color NTEP putting green trial
  • Superior copper spot resistance, second only to L-93 in NTEP
  • Wear tolerant
  • Great for approaches and high traffic areas
  • Aggressive - makes visible gains on Poa annua each year with consistent interseeding

Alpha provides championship conditions without the championship maintenance. With unparalleled ground coverage and density, ball marks and divots heal rapidly. 



Aggressive Against Poa: at Jacklin Seed, every bentgrass strain is tested against Poa annua. If it doesn't hold up, it doesn't continue in our program. The plants that went into Alpha excelled at kepping Poa at bay. In fact, they made visible gains against Poa every year.


Tournament-Quality: Alpha provides tournament-quality turf for every golf course and is forgiving when climate or cultural practices are not ideal.


Retains Fall Color: In NTEP trails, compared against other commerical and experimental varieteis, Alpha was rated #1 in fall color in both September and October.

New Seeding (per 1000 sq ft)
Interseeding (per 1000 sq ft)