Panterra V

Turf-Annual Ryegrass


  • Fast germination with rapid establishment
  • Unique overseeding grass
  • Easy spring transition, non-persistent
  • Significantly lower growing with fewer clippings than traditional annual ryegrass
  • Ideal for late season over-seeding
  • Germinates at soil temps in low 40's

    Three years after the inception of Panterra, Panterra V came to the market to further improve the turf-annual market. With Panterra V you can expect upgrades in turf quality, while retaining all other turf-annual benefits. Like Panterra, you can expect performance in applications ranging from home lawns to overseeding high end sports fields and golf courses.

    Annual Ryegrass

    With the initial development of Panterra by Texas A&M, Barenbrug’s U.S. Research team took the promise

    of improved Turf Annual Ryegrass and developed the program into an ‘ART™ form’. Our Advanced Ryegrass Technology now encompasses four unique turf-annuals including Panterra, Panterra V, BarTerra...